Smith Street Medical Centre
Skin Cancer Clinic

28 Smith Street, Charlestown

New South Wales, 2290

Smith Street Medical Centre & Skin Cancer Clinic

28 Smith Street, Charlestown

New South Wales, 2290

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Mon - Fri8.00am - 6.00pm
Saturday8.00am - 12.30pm
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Dr Andrew Keyworth

My wife and I joined Smith St Medical team in 1991, with a plan to stay for 5 years. Twenty two years later I’m still here ! Not quite sure how that happened. Over the years when we have new Doctors joining the Practice, I always tell them two things, firstly we have a great team of staff working here, most of whom have been here for long time do their jobs so well, and secondly that we have a really nice group of patients who seem to keep coming back.

When I think about why I’m still working at Smith Street after 22 yrs, it is really for these 2 same reasons – great staff, who are friendly and supportive, and great patients, who have allowed me to get to know them and to try and help them over the years. Also, Newcastle is a great place to bring up a family.

Newcastle is a small town really, and even after 22 years hardly a week goes by, where I don’t discover some new connection among the families of patients that regularly attend the Practice, which is always surprising and fun.

I like seeing a broad range of patients. Babies and young families are always interesting and cute ( my daughters tell me that I like babies because they give the chance to show off my baby wrangling skills). Teenagers are great, often challenging, but great. I enjoy trying to help people with mental health issues and seem to do a lot of this, having developed some links with The Black Dog Institute and the Beyond Blue organisation over the years. The health of diabetics and older people is also an area of health care in which I have an interest and spend a significant amount of my time and thought.

Men’s health, and Skin cancers and their management are other areas in which I have an interest.

I graduated from Newcastle University in 1984, and have 3 children who are now mostly young adults – only one left at home full –time. Over the years I have been involved on the Board of the Hunter Urban Division of General Practice, that has now morphed into the Hunter Medicare Local. I have been involved with the After Hours GP Access Clinics since their inception, and the Smith St Medical Centre always put’s it’s hand up to be involved in new local, governmental and research initiatives that we feel may benefit out patients. We are also actively involved in teaching undergraduate Medical Students and younger Doctors doing their GP speciality training.

Areas of Expertise

B.Med. (Ncle)